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Scheme auditsAstec Consultant Services
have been carrying out scheme audits for a considerable length of time for the Public Housing sector. The Principal has a long history and considerable amount of experience within the Housing Corporation’s London Region and is very familiar with the procedures and requirements.

Scheme audits are carried out in order to enhance overall performance and can be used as a measuring tool for ensuring that all activities and their associated risks have been captured.

Housing DevelopmentAs a result the Client gains detailed value for money assessments, detached recommendations and proactive advice, and can establish future housing needs and priorities.

The projects undertaken by us range from multi million pound housing redevelopments through to two to three house schemes.

As Scheme Auditors we will undertake the following schedule of services: -

Examine, review, and assess all aspects of the Project, including internal development procedures, and whether Housing Corporation compliance has been met

Carry out desktop and on-site evaluations

Identify any anomalies or weaknesses present

Provide various alternatives and recommendations to the Client

Determine whether value for money is being achieved or not

Provide forms and checklists for reviewing consultants and addressing scheme matters such as funding, SHG, feasibility etc

Ensure that recommendations have been followed up

In addition to the above we are able to provide independent performance checks on procedural compliance as required by E3 of Scheme Development Standards.