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Astec Consultant Services is a full Corporate Member of
the Association of Planning Supervisors Membership No: C1353

Managing & co-ordinating the health & safety of a constructional projectUnder the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 it is a legal requirement for anyone undertaking a constructional project to manage, co-ordinate and contribute to the health and safety of everyone involved and affected by its operations throughout the course of construction.



The Planning SupervisorThe aim of these Regulations is to reduce the large number of serious and fatal accidents and cases of ill health, which occur every year in this particular industry. As a direct result of these Regulations the role of the Planning Supervisor was created not only to manage, co-ordinate and contribute to the health and safety issues but also to prepare and advise on the associated CDM documentation such as the Pre-Tender Health and Safety Plan and the Health and Safety File.


As Planning Supervisors we will undertake the following schedule of services: -

Receive and assess all necessary information on the Project

Assess, establish, and confirm the competency of proposed designers and contractors, ensure notification to the Health and Safety Executive

Liaise with all members of the Design and Construction team for the Project

Provide advice on design feasibility

Ensure that all foreseeable risks to design, location, and persons have been addressed or eliminated

Prepare the Pre-Tender Health and Safety Plan

Advise and comment on the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan

... continued ...

Ensure that all aspects of Health and Safety are addressed and that systems and procedures work effectively and report on them accordingly

Ensure that all relevant documentation is in compliance with the Regulations and is prepared and delivered on schedule

Attend site meetings if required

Make available for inspection purposes any Health and Safety File received from the Client to any persons who may need information in the file in order to comply with the Regulations.

Prepare and provide the Health and Safety File