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Our policies ensure our clients can be confidentWe will discuss, advise, and provide key information on how to achieve, implement, and develop comprehensive energy related projects that save energy and reduce operational expenses.

The implementation of the policy will not only increase profits and productivity but will also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, providing an overall cleaner and clearer environment.

Together with the client we will: -

Evaluate existing operation

Deliver and implement customised energy solutions that increase productivity and profits

Identify other needs of the client, including refurbishments, staff and resources, if requested


We promote health & safety in the work environmentIt is a fact that every year thousands of workers are killed, injured, suffer from ill health or are involved in dangerous occurrences as a direct result of their work activities.

The Health and Safety Policy is a document that will not only support and promote a safe working environment but will also be a document that will be requested by existing and potential clients in order to assess the company’s overall stance on Health and Safety and its management. Listed below are just some of the items that are addressed within the Health and Safety Policy document.

Together with the client we will: -

Address organisational needs and arrangements

Prepare general risk assessments

Discuss and set attainable goals and objectives

Prepare and provide the Health and Safety Policy