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We have considerable experience in case preparation where a range of issues are involved as well as dispute resolutions.

Single or joint expert witnessesThis includes disputes between a client and his/her contractor, a client and his professionals and a main contractor with his/her sub contractors etc. We can act as either single or joint expert witness.

Continual professional development is undertaken to keep abreast of new changes of methods, litigation, and practice matters.

Once appointed we will carry out the following: -

We will work with and co-operate with the appointed legal team

We will assess the integrity and durability of buildings as well as identify the mechanisms of failure

We will thoroughly and vigorously carry out our investigations in an objective and unbiased manner

We are able to prepare bills of quantities or Scott Schedules

We will thoroughly analyse all data and carry out practical experimentation if necessary in order to support our findings

We will present an objective unbiased opinion in relation to all cases undertaken